Eco Yoga Villages
We are present in 10 countries, therefore in each farm we have a variety of activities according to the local reality. However, there are activities that are common in many Eco Yoga Villages, so before of visiting one of our farms just ask if these activities are available.

Volunteer Programs







<Digimax S1030 / Kenox S1030> Eco Truly Jagannath Some Volunteers Spend some time with people seeking the same as you This is a farm trying to emerge with your help This is an image of a Yantra, there are many designs, but all them contains a deeply meaning DSC00181 DSC00520 SONY DSC SONY DSC PICT0016 Starting a new home 20030530 armonista peru 091 ecotrulyp8 etp0002 etp0025 etp0135 10930907_1398007930504606_4191711408464043637_n 185500_104106266356947_100002727210151_16128_3107458_n 421472_10150518313492406_533742405_9100233_512513215_n

We are working to create unique communities around the world, in order to help people to be connected with nature, and at the same time living in a natural way, getting info about ecology and its benefits, and more… “Simple living, high thinking” represents the lifestyle we have! Check continously our website and read the info about the different Eco Yoga Villages around the world.


Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

Eco Yoga Villages