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The Eco Yoga Ashrams Sanctuaries, offer this unique experience to those who want to find peace, and wish to expand their consciousness. Volunteers can stay in some locations maybe for a week or several months, all the way up to a several months experience. All the different locations you can find in our page, offer some of this unique inside. “Work with Mother Nature and not against Her” that is our principle. Also you can find the effort of discovering natural sancturaries and honour them such as the sacred mountains, caves and special trees.


In our Yoga Inbound Monasteries we live a monastic life and would like you to join us in our spiritual activities –devotional service -, so you will be able to reawaken you eternal connection with the Creator of the universe.

According to our spiritual teacher, this Eco Yoga Ashrams are healing  places, so we offer many activities that are very conducive to self control and to discover a higher taste.




Every morning we have classes about ancient vedic philosophy which instruct us about the most important questions in life like for example: what is the purpose of human life, for this we use the book Srimad Bhagavatam and every night we have lectures about the Bhagavad Gita -the song of God-.

Kirtan: This is the congregational chanting of the names of the lord. It can be either with instruments or no, so the persons who can play any instrument or want to learn to play one of the typical indian instruments are more than welcome.

Nature: One of our principles is “Work with mother nature and not against her” , in our farm we cultivate our own vegetables which are then offered to the supreme personality of godhead and the result of this is that we eat delicious preparations that are called Maha-prasadam, a Sanskrit word  that describes the food that has been blessed by all the gods and goddesses  in the process of puja.  make simple living and high thinking a real experience of yours.

Artik: It is a daily offering to the deity and we obtain His darsan -a Sanskrit term meaning “sight”.

Sacred architecture:  The temple is the approach to be ready to assemble and pray with deep regard for the omnipresence of Divine Grace at any time. Visit us and help us to develop further sanctuaries, but first and
foremost one in your own heart. Then in your house, garden and next anywhere where it is possible, using bamboos, mud, straw, rocks and other natural materials because we have tried to make the sanctuaries recyclable and healthy.

Austerities: rising early and chanting mantras. sanctuaries are not necessarily very comfortable. camping or simple lifestyle like sleeping in sleeping bags or simple mats in  shared rooms shall not shock you. The sanctuaries of south America are the places to learn the heart to heart connection with the other members and friends.  Learn to give up selfishness.

We want  you to know that by doing this devotional activities you heart will gradually cleanse and that you will start to see everything with eyes anoint with love and bliss.

Ashram life volunteer 14 March, 2017

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Anonymous337: pueden hacerme una reservacio con habitacion matrimonial o doble
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre Omri,
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre es Omry. I am going to arrive Arica next week. I heard alot of ecoyogavillages from many people. I will glad to take a part in any work there and to be a part of this. Thank u very much
Anonymous2630: Hola estoy buscando a Ximena Sanchez de Argentina,
Anonymous3313: Hola. Ya Estoy en Cali quedando con in amigo. Ustedes Tienen clases de yoga para personas en Cali? O so podria it para hacer yoga por 3 Dias cuando Estoy aqui? Gracias! Lani
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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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