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Satyam Eco Yoga Village


We are a community that seeks the well-being of Mother Earth in all our activity, allowing us to feel her abundance and take care of us. We seek the union between human and vegetal kingdom, re-connecting ourselves with our true roots, as living entities made of this very same earth. Thus our spirit and inner development is nourished via a return to our true nature; servants of the mother earth and the Supreme Being.

You are invited to serve, build, create, grow, enjoy, evolve, feel, rebirth, naturalize and live as part of a community that seeks to be holistic and loving. The Eco Yoga Village is located within the Madidi National Park which has the greatest biodiversity on the planet and offers incomparable landscapes and natural jewels.

It exists as a natural and spiritual refuge where anyone can experience a simple living with higher thinking, connected with the Divine. We are part of the Vrinda Family which offers ecological parks, eco yoga villages, conscious restaurants and social activism in more than 25 countries. It forms a rich network of ancestral knowledge, environmental education, agro-ecological production and social development.

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We are located at the entrance to the Madidi National Park in the Northern Yungas, locality of Apolo.

From LA PAZ; In the street Vicente Ochoa which is a few blocks from the Max Paredes you will find all the buses which travel to Apolo, they leave every day except holidays at 3 in the afternoon and will cost you $65bs. The route is incredibly beautiful going through the Altiplano, Charazani and Las Yungas, arriving in Apolo after 12/14 hours with good road. Sometimes it can be more due to the rains or roadworks.

To finally arrive in Satyam Eco Yoga Aldea in Santa Cruz del Valle Ameno, from the main square in Apolo there are varios taxis that leave in the morning and afternoon, usually around 10.30/11 and then 15/16, which will cost you $20bs and one hour of travel.

The best aspect of an Inbound Tour is that one can begin a process of internal self-exploration through the practices of yoga and meditation, becoming closer to the ancestral cultures and knowledge which are present in all parts where we may visit.


  • Permaculture and Organic agriculture
  • Natural Construction
  • Ayurvedic medicine and Vegetarian cookin
  • Yoga and Meditation

Satyam is an Ecological Yoga farm located in the Madidi National Park, a centre for ecological activity and education with a spiritual practice at the heart of the community. We run a constant volunteer program of organic agriculture, food production, natural construction and community education.

Our activities are largely dictated by the season; however consist in agricultural activities of maintenance, care and harvest, the processing and elaboration of foods and natural products, natural construction, providing a hand in the ecological and teaching activities of our cultural centre, cleaning and beautification.

The farm requires assistance in the diverse tasks of farming and agricultural production, both in orchards and edible forests and in the production of agro-ecological products. Also works of natural construction of several houses and the general maintenance of the property. The Village is spacious and can accommodate a lot of activity and people, there are numerous and beautiful spaces to put your tent to be closer to natures.

Our volunteering program especially for those that want to experience life in an Ecovillage, by taking part in sustainable activities:

  • Agriculture
  • Eco building
  • Gardening
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Teaching
  • Painting

In their spare time volunteers also have access to Hatha Yoga, art, vedic philosophyclases, trips to waterfalls and nearby vilages, meditation practice, reading, etc.

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Volunteer Program

We ask the volunteers provide a contribution of 250bs weekly for food contribution and to sustain the activities of the farm, providing 3-4 hours of work exchange in the mornings. Volunteers can come and go as they please flexibly with short term notice.

Intern Program

We also run an intern program which is based on full time work exchange for workers who may have specialized skills and can commit to a longer term role in the village. Interns are not required to provide economic contribution and work 6-8 hours daily. Contact us for potential intern positions.

What We Provide

We offer access to light, water, ecological baths, showers, and for those who are interested the river surrounds the entire farm to bathe or enjoy. The food is three times daily and strictly vegetarian and we can accommodate for vegan diet. We can provide sleeping covers, mosquito nets, rubber boots and working clothes for those who require.


To gain the most benefit from your time in the village, we provide separate living quarters for both men and women in the way of earthen straw roofed shelter and spacious storage in the wooden round house.


The farm also has a wonderful array of potential camp sites, many with great river access and spectacular views.

During Your Spare Time

Swimming and bathing in the rivers, walks in nature, beautiful waterfalls and local communities, library and e-Resources and conscious art.


In our Yoga Inbound Monasteries we live a monastic life and would like you to join us in our spiritual activities; devotional service, so you will be able to reawaken you eternal connection with the Supreme.

Eco Yoga Ashrams Sanctuaries offer this unique experience to those who want to find peace, and wish to expand their consciousness. Volunteers can stay maybe for a week or several months, all the way up to several months experience. Eco Yoga Ashrams are healing places, so we offer many activities that are very conducive to self-control and to discover a higher taste.

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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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