Eco Yoga Villages

Uchumachi Govardhan

The eco-village is still under construction but there’s the availability of rooms for volunteers and an area for camping. We are a pioneer project, trying to do big things.

For your comfort bring the following:

– sleeping bag
– warm clothes and rain-proof garments
– flashlight
– hygiene bag (toothbrush, shampoo, etc)
– notebook, pen and USB (memory) to share information
– hat, natural sun-screen (block, protector) and natural bug repellent.
Realize that the eco-village is situated in a raw, rural environment with subtropical climate and that it is still in its first sprouts of constructional existence. Being here is determined by austere conditions. It is a pioneer project, where your hands and help worth too much for us. Write us:

From the city of La Paz it’s easy and safe to arrive at the finca with public transportation and some members of the finca would be more than happy to accompany you there.

1. Take a minibus at the ex-gasolinera of Villa Fatima terminal (La Paz) that takes you to Coroico’s terminal, for the price of 15-25 bolivianos ($2-4) with a trip duration of 2hrs and 30minutes.

2. Get off at the terminal in Coroico, walk 5 minutes climbing the stairs of the terminal until you reach the center (el centro).

3. From there take a minibus for 2.50 bolivianos directly to Carmen Pampa, 15 minutes.

4. Ask the driver to get off at the Hotel Finca, the Monastery is the property that follows. Also in the city of La Paz you can take a taxi for 200-300 bolivianos ($28-40) directly to the finca.There exists the option of walking the precolombian tourist path called “El Choro”that takes 3 days, depending on your fitness.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail (

You can come and be part of our activities. We need your help in these areas:

-Organic farm
-Ecological Construction
-Conscious art

You volunteer daily likely 4-5 hours and then you are also able to take any class that we provide in the farm for example:

-Vegetarian cooking
-Vaisnava lectures

We need your economic help in order to maintain basic things. The price you should pay provides you three meals at day. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) By day you should pay 7 US dollar.

Give us your comments!

Anonymous337: pueden hacerme una reservacio con habitacion matrimonial o doble
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre Omri,
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre es Omry. I am going to arrive Arica next week. I heard alot of ecoyogavillages from many people. I will glad to take a part in any work there and to be a part of this. Thank u very much
Anonymous2630: Hola estoy buscando a Ximena Sanchez de Argentina,
Anonymous3313: Hola. Ya Estoy en Cali quedando con in amigo. Ustedes Tienen clases de yoga para personas en Cali? O so podria it para hacer yoga por 3 Dias cuando Estoy aqui? Gracias! Lani
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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

Eco Yoga Villages