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ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham

We are an ecological community and we cultivate the principles of sustainability, protection of Mother Nature, rescue of ancestral knowledge and healthy relationships in community life.

Many people want to have a better quality of life and closer contact with Earth. Here, Mother Nature invites and welcomes you to build, plant, share and find a healthy and conscious relationship with Her.

We are located in Mairiporã, a small town near the Serra da Cantareira, about 1 hour from São Paulo.

ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham counts with 8 hc of pure nature, preserved between two ecological reserves, with 3 springs and a river of clear water.

Come on, put your hand on the soil and build a new way of living!

Our activities include:

– Volunteering: 2 weeks a month, we receive you with open arms to take your shoes off and  step on the grass. Discover how to participate.

–  Retreats: every month we invite you for an immersion session, a trip within, in the best company: water, fire, air, earth and quartz. You can follow our programming on the Facebook page

–  Courses: Cooking, Agroforestry, Bioconstruction, only great things. You can follow our programming on the Facebook page

–  Mutirões: Let’s sweat the t-shirt together, then take a river bath and taste some wonderful food. Also follow our programming on the Facebook page


ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham was established in 2014, driven by the need for a place where people could be in contact with a simple way of living still near the big city of Sao Paulo. Here we don’t have that “Do not enter!” or “Private Property” mood. We are guardians. We are part of an international network called VRINDA, that practice the principles of Yoga. In Latin America alone we have 86 farms, in addition to others in Europe and India! This is the ECO YOGA VILLAGES network.

Vrinda ( also worries about conscious consumption, hence the “Spoon Revolution”. We are also part of a collective of activists based on positivity, respect, good humor and love called the “World Conscious Pact”. We are part of the “University of Ancestral Wisdom”, UDSA (, and the “United Nations of Spirit”. (

We have our master plan, click on the image to enlarge. It includes community school, Eco Village, tree houses, area for camping, creative playground for children, many ecological trails, etc. Come and join us! Here, a little plant makes a difference, because it will always be here, and its seeds will bloom soon.

Visit us at:


Telephone (only for Whatsaap: 55 11 9 5216 6399)

ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham is about 1 hour from São Paulo (40km), in the beautiful Serra da Cantareira, in the small town of Mairiporã.

Please follow the explanations carefully, download the map on your mobile phone or print it out, before coming.


You can follow one of the three routes described below. Depending on how you plan to come, follow the BLUE, YELLOW or the GREEN route.





>>>> >>>>> How to get there by CAR from São Paulo

>>> 1. BLUE ROUTE // KM 15.5 from Estrada do Rio Acima

  1. Follow the Marginal Tietê until you reach the Dutra Highway.
  2. At the Dutra take the Fernão Dias Highway.
  3. Follow the signs to Mairiporã.
  4. After the toll, that is a little bit before the entrance to Mairiporã, take the first exit on the right (be careful because it is very close to the toll, if you miss that entrance, make the return in front).
  5. Continue until you reach the roundabout, take the second exit on the right (note the sign written “Estrada Rio Acima”).
  6. Being on the Estrada Rio Acima, follow the map. Follow the road to KM 15.5 – you must enter the dirt road that is next to the “Blue Bar”, of Dona Isabel (on the right side of the Road).
  7. Go ahead for 360m, go up a slope, and at the 1st fork go straight (do not turn right).
  8. Go forward and follow the straight path for 1370m (you will see an entrance to the right, but do not enter, go straight on).
  9. When you find the 2nd fork, turn right and go straight for another 210m, until you make a sharp turn to the right.
  10. Drive straight for another 500m until you find the ECO Yoga Bhakti Dham gates.
  11. Go through the gates and follow the path descending 530m to the ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham headquarters.


>>> 2. YELLOW ROUTE // KM 15.5 Estrada Rio Acima

(Same as Route 1 // Blue to point 6)

  1. Go ahead for 360m, go up a slope, and at the 1st fork go right (do not go straight).
  2. Drive straight for 1670m until you reach the 2nd fork (clover shape) follow the left exit.
  3. Proceed 70m to the 3rd junction and again take the left exit and continue straight for approx. 590m.
  4. At the 4th fork go straight and continue straight for 560m until you reach the entrance to the gates of ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham
  5. Go through the gates and follow the path descending 530m to the ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham headquarters.


>>>>> >>>>> How to get to the INTERMUNICIPAL BUS from São Paulo

>>>>> >>>>> How to get there via  INTERMUNICIPAL BUS from São Paulo

>>> 3. GREEN ROUTE // Intercity bus and walking

  1. Take the intercity bus “Mairiporã / Tietê” at the Tietê bus station, towards Mairiporã. The final stop is at Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue just below the subway station (ie, it is NOT a bus that takes you inside the bus station, with companies like Cometa and etc, it is an intermunicipal that passes in the street). There are 2 bus routes that go direct to Mairiporã,  one that costs around 8 reais (faster), and another one that goes from inside the city to Mairiporã, that costs around $4 or 5. The two buses arrive at the same bus station.

You can also take the bus called DIVISA, near the Tucuruvi metro station, or at the Parada Inglesa station, it costs R $ 6.10 and 5.70 respectively.

  1. Get off at the final stop, at the Mairiporã Bus Station. At the bus station, take another bus called RIO ACIMA, tell the driver or taxi driver that you will get off at “Dona Isabel’s Blue Bar” (km 15.5 of Estrada do Rio Acima). Other references are the Mercadinho do Alemão (in this case, when getting off the bus go about 50 meters and you will see an entrance to your left with the Blue Bar of Dona Isabel on the corner).

When you’re in the bus, notice a school with a block at the right side of the road (this is km12 and then the “Mercado Estrela Guia” with a green facade, the stop will be 1 km ahead of this).

  1. Walk along the dirt road that is next to the bar (which is to the right of the road) for 360m until you find the 1st fork (pedestrian exit).
  2. At the 1st fork go straight (do not turn right) and walk over 680m. On the way you will see a first entrance to the right (big enough for a car to pass, however, the access is forbidden because of wooden logs placed at the entrance to the path). Do not take this path! Walk a little further and you will see another entrance to the right (could also fit a car), enter that path (as you walk in it will become narrower, like a small trail).
  3. Walk for approximately 200m and you will see a water stream, cross the small bridge and go straight on for another 300m. At the fork look for the ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham sign on your right.
  4. Soon you will see the river, continue along the path and you will reach ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham.

Total walk is 1.5 KM, or 30 minutes.

click the map icons for a more detailed explanation




Be our guests!

Volunteers are those who have opened their hearts to put their solidarity into practice.

Volunteer work can make a difference in your life, it can change the way you see the world and open you up to new possibilities, by recognizing new abilities and discovering the taste for doing something different from your daily routine – while helping to build a better and more eco-sustainable world.

In our ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham community, you will have the opportunity to learn about permaculture, healthy cooking, live food, Bio Constructions, ancient Yoga knowledge, ecological solutions, spirituality and meditation.


For us, it will be a pleasure to have your company!

At ECO Bhakti Yoga Dham, volunteers can get involved in activities such as:

  • Daily Yoga practice
  • Meditation and Philosophy
  • Natural landscaping
  • Bio construction (mud)
  • Organic gardening and Agroforestry
  • Conscious art, to embellish ECO YOGA Bhakti Dham
  • Art Therapy and crafts
  • Healthy and energizing food
  • Ecological walks and tours
  • Conscious cinema and campfires

Important information:

+ Duration of volunteering: from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on your availability. It only has to match with the farm’s volunteering period.

+ Accommodation: tents or beds inside the house

+ Suggested contribution: R$ 30 per day (equivalent to US$ 9), including 3 meals

+ Come prepared to relax and experience a new way of living.


+ Click here for more information on lodging and food

+ Click here to see the list of what you must take to live the Volunteer experience

+ Click here to see our rules of coexistence

>>>> To register for Volunteering, you must fill this form  <<<<


Give us your comments!

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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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