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Dear Volunteer!

We invite you to visit the Eco Truly Arica, an Ecological Community, which is located in Lluta’s Valley, located forty kilometers away from Arica city.

The architecture and the lifestyle of our community are based on the Vedic Culture of India, because of this, this community is also a Yoga Monastery where values, ecological and spiritual principles are practiced.

This experience will give you a new vision of what our program is.

From the city of Arica is easy and safed to reach the farm.

You have different options:

1. At Chacabuco Street with Mackenna take a micro (bus) straight to Poconchile. It costs 900 Chilean pesos ($ 1.50) with a duration of 60 minutes away.
2. At the same terminal can take a bus (multi-passenger car) for 2500-3000 Chilean pesos ($ 4-6) directly to the farm.
3. Take a taxi directly from Arica to the farm.

In any case, ask the driver to leave you in the farm ‘of Trulys’, 3 km from Poconchile.

For more information please contact us via mail ( or by telephone: 0056 + 9 + 41388369

You can volunteer in these areas:

-Vegetarian cooking
-One day at week of art in “Sattva”

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to write to us at:

Private room: 14USD
Shared room: 10 USD
Tent: 8USD

This includes:
• 3 lacto-vegetarian meals daily
• houseing in shared rooms or seperated by gender or a private room in a truly construction
• possibility to camp

Give us your comments!

Anonymous337: pueden hacerme una reservacio con habitacion matrimonial o doble
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre Omri,
Anonymous2029: Hola mi nombre es Omry. I am going to arrive Arica next week. I heard alot of ecoyogavillages from many people. I will glad to take a part in any work there and to be a part of this. Thank u very much
Anonymous2630: Hola estoy buscando a Ximena Sanchez de Argentina,
Anonymous3313: Hola. Ya Estoy en Cali quedando con in amigo. Ustedes Tienen clases de yoga para personas en Cali? O so podria it para hacer yoga por 3 Dias cuando Estoy aqui? Gracias! Lani
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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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