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Dear Volunteer

We are a vegetarian community  founded in 1979,  we follow bhakti yoga tradition. Our farm is located in a beatiful Hungarian farmland called  “Magyar Puszta”, this place used to be full of farms with plenty of animals, wolves, foxes, a lots of precious birds, castors, minks and otters, of course deers and rabbits too. Due to irresponsible communist dictatorship, those beautiful farms disappeared along with marshlands with its birds and animals and plenty of  lakes.

Kindly note that our season starts by the end of April and lasts until the end of September.


Nandafalva is located 150 km south from Budapest and 25 km north from Szeged. From Budapest you have both bus and train to SZEGED, which is the closest bigger city to Nandafalva. From Szeged you have direct bus twice daily afternoon to our temple. One is 13:20 and the other is at 15:30 PM. Both bus departs from platform nr. 9 from main Mars ter bus station in Szeged.

The route of the bus to our temple is Szeged-Zöldmezö TSZ Major via Szatymaz. You can ask ticket up to Nandafalva Hindu Temple. Our temple is the second last bus stop. It takes appr. 50 minutes from Mars ter to our temple. Bus stops is right in front of our temple.

It’s a nice 6 km long walk from village named Balastya to Nandafalva. I takes about 90 minutes.

What activities can you join?

  • organic vegetable gardening
  • you can learn how to use traditional tools like the blowing machine for cleaning the wheat, 100 year old milling mashine, scythe etc.
  • baker’s trade
  • you can explore your art skills (paint Indian figures and motives on the wall)
  • building traditional summer oven
  • making and installing solar panels
  • making ecological mud bricks
  • organizing our animal right and eco campaigns if you are graphic designer or a marketing expert
  • beautify the temples, flower gardens and rock gardens
  • As we always construct something you can do construction work, mandala-art painting etc.
  • By living in contact with the nature one can experience inner peace
  • learn the ancient wisdom of healthcare and healing science of ayurveda
  • learn to focus your mind with the science of yoga
  • know yourself  through meditation
  • observe the birds and wild animals
  • observe the sunset and sunrise
  • mantra meditation
  • learn more about vegetarian diet and cooking
  • pure life without  intoxications like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes
  • expand your awareness
  • wonderful Indian art, painting, Indian classical dances and music
  • tracking
  • agni hotra yajna (Vedic fire sacrifices)
We suggest you contribute 10 USD donation daily to help the project.
We provide bed, three lactovegetarian meals, hot water and different cultural or lifestyle programs.
You are most welcome to spend some time with us. Kindly book your bed as early as possible but at least 20 days in advance. Kindly note that our season starts by the end of April and lasts until the end of September.

Give us your comments!

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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

Eco Yoga Villages