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Vrinda Kunja


As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to experience a different culture and different way of living, based on Vedic principles, with people who care about nature and ecology.
Come, enjoy and participate in the development of our Eco Yoga Villages.

Wherever you want to volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help and learn about vegetarian cooking, organic agriculture, ecological constructions and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity!
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From Delhi

1.The best way to get to Vrindavan is by taxi. We can make arrangements with a trustworthy driver to pick you up at the airport and take you straight to Vrinda Kunja (3 to 4 hours). The cost is approximately 35USD (2.200 Rs).

2. The second option is to take a train in Delhi. The main railway station is situated in Pahar Ganj. From there you have to take a train to Mathura (3 hours) and from Mathura to Vrindavan you go by motor-riksa (40 minutes). The cost is approximately 5USD (250 rupees).

Volunteer Activities

The volunteer program requires 3 to 4 daily hours of service distributed throughout the day. The main activities are:

– Be a part of the art and ecological projects around Vrindavana.
– Help take care of a small gardens with some vegetables and plants growing.
– Clean abandoned areas of ancient temples and make gardens.
– Recovery of Green areas of ancient temples.
– Maintenance work in Vrinda Kunja (painting walls, kitchen, help out in different areas, taking care of the garden).
– Help in our vegetarian kitchen.
– Help clean up the banks of the Yamuna River as well as other holy places in Vrindavan
– Help poor children in their school in different areas such as teaching and ecology.
– Help in our Goshala (caring and protection of the cows).
– Attend lectures on the different fields of Vedic Literature, such as Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.
– Help attend our many visitors with their different needs.
– Teach something new to the staff of vrindakunja.
The program may also include complementary activities such as:-Yoga Classes
-Hindu dance classes
-English, Hindi, Portugues and Spanish practice
-Conscious movies
-Field trips to mystic temples and architectural wonders
-Bhajan music
-Classes of typical Hindu instruments for Hare Krishna Mahamantra meditation.

You will have a free time throughout the day for you to experience Vrindavan and one day off a week from your regular Seva.

The volunteer program involves a donation of $10USD per day, the amount in Rupees depends on the exchange rate but is approximately 610Rs per day. This donation fee covers the following accommodations of each volunteer:

-Three vegetarian/vegan meals.
-Accommodation in our main guest house (shared volunteer room, fan, pillow and bed sheets )
-Yoga classes
-Clean drinking water
-Complementary activities.
-Western/Indian style bathroom
-Personal attention

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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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