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Eco Yoga Retreat Center

Our goal is to create an Eco Yoga Community where people can encounter a spiritual environment, where the priciples of a yogic life style can be practiced. Yoga classes and retreats are offered along with workshops in diverse arts and holistic sciences, organic gardening and ecological buildings.  

Our “Eco-Yoga Retreat” is strategically located in the sacred valley of Cusco, (3,000 m above sea level), located one hour south of Cusco by bus and 20 minutes from Pisac. The nearest town, San Salvador, is only a 10-minute drive away.

In the vicinity you can find small shops in which you can buy essential items. The nearest internet is a 10 minute walk to reach Vicho. For international calls and laundry services you can go to Pisac (20 minutes) or to Cusco (one hour).

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to experience a different culture and lifestyle.  Volunteer activities are to help and learn about vegetarian cooking, organic farming, green building / project design, yoga, meditation and philosophy.

You can contribute with your creative energy to our project. The Eco-Yoga community is a place to live together with nature, developing yoga and practicing the Spanish language. You will also have the opportunity to meet and connect with those who are on a spiritual journey and share your life experiences.

As long as you are a volunteer in the Eco-village we ask for complete abstinence from smoking and alcohol consumption. In addition only vegetarian food will be distributed.

Weekly value $ 75.00 dollars (This covers: 3 vegetarian meals, stay and yoga classes). But remember that we have volunteering activated only a few times during the year, so please let us know before you come!

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Anonymous26110: Quisiera ir a visitarlos, que tengo que hacer para poder estar con ustedes, que costo tienen. Gracias
Anonymous26110: mi correo es
Anonymous26420: Hi! I would like to know any upcoming volunteering opportunities in your Shala for Indians. My name is Bijoyeta and I currently live in US. Email id: Thanks in Advance!
Anonymous26867: Hola, mi nombre es Angelica Huertas y voy a viajar desde Bogota hasta Santiago de Chile y quuero
Anonymous26867: Saber si tienen oportunidades de voluntariado en Colombia, Ecuador, Peru y Chile. Cualquier informacion me la pueden enviar a comienzo mi viaje el proximo jueves 18 con primera parada Armenia. Gracias por su atención
Anonymous27064: Buenos días. Me gustaría obtener información sobre los próximos retiros a la eco aldea, mi correo es:
Anonymous27343: Hola ,en el mes de febrero o marzo hay lugar para el voluntariado? Gracias
Anonymous28162: Hola Hay Espacio para ecovoluntariado o voluntariado spiritual
Anonymous28162: email es
Anonymous28162: flower
Anonymous28191: Hola!! Estoy leyendo la alegría de comer sano y vi la información de este lugar, estoy motivada!!
Anonymous29225: Necesito mas info
Anonymous29228: Hola!! por favor necesito informacion para ser voluntaria y aprender sobre agricultura gracias!!
Anonymous29230: Hola buenas tardes.. Quisiera pedir información sobre voluntariado dirección de algún centro etc,
Anonymous29230: Muchas gracias!
Anonymous29306: Hola buen dia quisiers saber si
Anonymous29306: Buen día , tienen lugar para dos personas para voluntariado? Por favor escribirme a
Anonymous29310: Vivo en Arbeláez, ¿cómo llego?, ¿cuantos km hay entre el pueblo y la finca?. Gracias.
Anonymous29611: buenas : ) quiero saber si tienen ecoaldea en bucaramanga o cual seria lo mas cercano a cucuta?
Anonymous29669: Queridos hermanos, es posible asistir a un voluntariado con nuestra hija ?
Anonymous29983: hola
Anonymous29983: como lo hagon para ir a yoga
Anonymous29983: laugh-big
Anonymous30207: ilove and light, would you please send more infomation regarding your services, have spiritual students ,to understand more about are spiritual understandings please look at are website spiritually Holy Sage
Anonymous30668: we want to do this in hawaii
Anonymous30668: can you send english brocheure to p.o. box 1001 Hilo,Hawaii 96721
Anonymous30701: Quisiera saber como unirme al voluntariado ecológico
Anonymous30841: buenas noches hermanos, quisiera saber si se puede ingresar al voluntariado con mascota, tengo una pequeña boston terrier que viaja conmigo siempre y me gustaria saber si como voluntario o visitante podria entrar con ella, gracias smile
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Dear volunteers, our farms are spiritual paradises, however situations can happen that are out of our control, therefore we declare that we are not responsible for any material losses or reimbursments.

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